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The Most Effective Ways to Heat Your House


The chill is back. while there are some of us who are thankful for the negative degrees after those long hot summers we've been experiencing, there are some of us who appreciate the cozy warmth of home.

The problem is, heating can be quite tricky to do efficiently. If you're having a difficult time yourself, then you're in the right spot. In this article, we are going to talk about the different ways that you can heat your space but still save a lot in your utility expenses. Let's get started!

Central Heat

Here's the deal: it's really not that difficult to heat up a single room. The problems arise when you'd have to heat up an entire house and making sure that they all get the same attention like the living room and the master's bedroom. So, how do you do that? How can you set up a central heat system?


The answer lies in a central warm-air furnace that can blow heated air all throughout the house by using air ducts. They can be powered by electricity, but you can also use other alternatives such as natural gas or fuel oil. The average expected service life of furnaces can be as long as 20 to 30 years, so homeowners don't have to worry about when to replace a furnace. Don't worry, central furnaces have a control system that allows you to turn it on and off and even adjust the temperature if necessary.

If you're planning to get a fuel furnace, then we recommend getting one with a highe AFUE rating. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and it measures the efficiency of your furnace including seasonal peak usage.

Direct Heat

But what if other family members don't like the heat? Or if you just own a small home and would rather get a portable heating system that is not restricted by those air ducts? Then what you need is a direct heat system. We are going to feature two below.

fireplace - effective way to heat house

Electrical Space Heaters

If you're looking for a room heater to warm up a single room or two connecting rooms then we recommend getting an electric space heater instead. It is powered by electricity and comes in different styles and sizes. It is equipped with a heating medium that converts electric current into heat much like how irons and toasters work.

The major downside of this type of heater, though, is that it can take quite a toll on your electric bill. That's why we recommend fixing your room's insulation first before using one to avoid wasting your precious heat and making the most of your device.

Wood-Burning and Pellet Stoves

Want to save up on your electrical bill? Then you might want to consider wood-burning and pellet stoves. These are furnaces that allow you to stack on wood and allow them to burn bit by bit to provide heat for an estimated amount of time.

Some people prefer this way of heating because if you chop your own wood, the entire process is almost free! The downside, though, is that your emissions can cause air pollution. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA has specific regulations that you should know about before lighting up that stove. Don't worry, there are "clean-burning" options out there. Pellet stoves, for instance, are significantly less polluting compared to wood stoves.

Tips for Saving on Energy Bills

So you see, there are various ways on how to cut down on your energy bill and be environmentally conscious at the same time. That's the reason why we're going to share with you even more tips on how to save on electricity while still having your home comfortably heated.

Green Renewable Electricity Supplier

For our first tip, we recommend getting a renewable electricity supply. There are two that we have already tried and recommend. Before sharing them, though, please keep in mind that establishing each of these systems can cost a bit. It will allow you to save more money in the long run, though, after this initial investment.

  • Solar. The first renewable source that we are going to feature is solar energy. There are actually two ways to use solar heating. The first way is completely free. If your home is designed with sun-facing windows and proper insulation, it can efficiently trap the heat inside and possibly make it even last through the night. At least, for the rooms with those windows. The second way is to install solar panels and use a system to convert solar energy into electricity where you can then plug your electric heater too. Solar panels require an investment but the returns are worth it.
  • Geothermal. The next system that you can establish is geothermal energy. It's a home heating system that makes use of the Earth's natural heat. Again, getting a hole drilled hundreds of feet into the ground will cost a lot, but you will find a renewable source of energy in return.

Finally, did you know that there is one more way to enjoy these renewable energy reserves without those installation fees? You can do so by finding a supplier. That's right. There are already power companies that bring green electricity to homes for a monthly fee.

solar panels on house - effective way to heat house

Buy a Smart Thermostat

Honestly, having a smart thermostat doesn't really help in "heating" per se. It simply allows you to set your temperatures and program when they are needed. For instance, you don't need to heat (or cool) your house when you're not there. It is also comfortable for a lot of us to have temperatures a couple of degrees lower when we're trying to sleep. Basically, smart thermostats allow us to have more control over the temperature and waste  less of it. By doing so, we get to save a percent off our utility bills in the long run of continuous use.

Insulate Your Attic

Have you noticed, however, that even with all those smart heating systems installed, your home is still not heated properly? Then you probably have spots where the temperature leaks. One big blind spot is the attic. Don't worry, the solution is fairly easy. Insulate your attic! There are different ways to do so and there are a lot of free resources online on how to do it. Good luck!


And that's it! by keeping the tips we have shared in mind, we're sure that you will enjoy a cozy and energy-saving winter. So prepare that hot cocoa, get your favorite book, and enjoy your hard work.