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Selling Your Home In The Winter? This Infographic Shares Great Tips


Looking to freshen up your home before selling this winter? HomeLight has just released their seasonal infographic showcasing the hottest tips and tricks for tackling a winter home sale. From listing tips to relevant maintenace tasks, home sellers will be covered this season. 

HomeLight compiled the thoughts, suggestions and recommendations from 500 top real estate agents from around the country on best practices on selling your home in the winter. 

Insights you'll find particularly interesting and useful include:

  • 18% of realtors suggest amping up the coziness factor a winter house showing
  • 75% of realtors believe competition for selling your home is dramatically decreased
  • In regards to home maintenance tasks, 11% recommend to seal leaky doors and windows
  • While 17% of agents say you should do a complete furnace check
  • 60% say it's a necessity to take pictures for your online listing on a nice, clear day

So despite the winter blues kicking in, don't stay shy of selling this winter - you might recoup more than you'd think!

Homelight Selling Real Estate in The Winter