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3 DIY Renovations to Increase Your Jacksonville Property Value

 (modified Apr 22, 2020)

If you want to increase your property value you have to spend tons of money, right?

That open house down the street that seemed to pop out at you like an ad from an architectural magazine must have cost a fortune to renovate.

Walking through the polished concrete hallways, the heels of your shoes echoing for miles.

The sleek navy colored garage door is so quiet when it opens the realtor spooks you when they walk out to greet you

It’s amazing what a few simple changes can do to make an average home look like you hired Kim Kardashian-West’s interior designer.

But does it always have to be so expensive? You don’t need a designer-sized bank account to achieve a designer look.

These 3 simple DIY home renovations can be done in 1-2 weekends.

3 DIY Projects to Increase Your Property Value

1. Garage Door Replacement

Still, have a manual garage door? Maybe the previous owners upgraded to an automatic door but harsh weather has turned it into a splintery mess.

A new garage door is one of the easiest ways to revitalize your home’s curb appeal without any invasive work.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to recoup up to 85% or more of what they spent on their new garage door.

What’s the secret to buying the best garage door to increase your property value? Before you take your credit card over to Home Depot you’ll want to assess the style of your home.

Carriage style doors pair well with Mediterranean and other classic architectural styles. If your home has a more modern design, aluminum-framed garage doors will match the sleek lines of your house.

2. Add Cool Lighting

That old ceiling fan with dusty light bulbs looking like they’re leftover from a Michael Doughlas movie isn’t doing your resale value any good.

Choosing new lighting fixtures can let even the least handy homeowner take pride in a DIY project.

And if you went ahead with our garage door idea, don’t forget exterior lighting can be just as important for curb appeal.

Sconces aren’t just for indoors anymore. Outdoor LED sconces, like these, cast a warm glow on your home even in the dead of night.

The best part of exterior lighting is all the solar-powered options available. These elegant solar-powered outdoor lights don’t require any wiring skills.

Just stick them in the lawn to line the walkway to the front door for extra safety and boost curb appeal.

No more choosing between keeping your home safe at night or a reasonable electric bill. This leads to our next DIY renovation to increase your home resale value...

3. Embrace Energy Efficiency

More home buyers are considering the long term. The US Green Building Council found that homes with energy-efficiency in mind sold for an average of 8% more.

Depending on your property value you could be leaving tens of thousands on the table by not upgrading your home.

Obviously, you’re not going to rebuild your entire home to some kind of solar-powered fortress, so what should you focus on?

Kitchen appliances are the easiest to swap out for energy efficiency. Old ovens and stoves can be a total money pit.

Not to mention they certainly won’t be something potential buyers are excited about. Seeing old appliances means buyers are going to have to pay more than the listing price to get a modern home.

Homeowners can get up to 80% of their budget back when their house goes on the market.

In the meantime, you’ll collect some savings yourself on your next utility bill.

Stop Waiting and Start Increasing Your Property Value Today

Your realtor can’t believe it’s the same house. When she came by last month you were disappointed to hear her estimate of your home’s selling price.

Even without any renovations, your home can feel like your child. Passing through your kitchen you remember all the holidays, family reunions, and Friday nights drinking and eating with your best friends.

Tearing out that old oven can feel like saying goodbye to a good friend. But the payoff of upgrading your home is well worth it.

But what are you supposed to do with all these old appliances and fixtures now that you have brand spanking new ones?

No one wants to see a pile of old junk in the backyard when they’re considering buying the property.

The journey to increase your property value isn’t over yet! Call Bin There Dump That right now for an unbelievable price on residential dumpster rental in Duval County.

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