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The Pros and Cons of Professional Moving Companies


You couldn’t believe you got the job, and in your top choice for a city: Jacksonville.

From the moment you read the email, you called the residential dumpster rental service to start clearing out everything you don’t want to bring with you.

Endless summer days within just a short drive of the beach. If that isn’t paradise, what is?

But then reality hits. You actually have to move all your junk. Everything from the 600 lb sofa set to your grandmother’s delicate vintage china.

You’re getting ready to take on your career, why mess with packing when there are plenty of professional moving companies to choose from?

Pros and Cons of Working with Professional Moving Companies

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you’re going to need help.

But what should you look out for when scouting for professional movers?

1. Con: Professional Mover Scams

Any legitimate professional mover will send someone over to give you a quote.

Movers that forego this for a “sight unseen” jobs often give quotes that are too good to be true, because they are.

Another sign you’re in for trouble is a hefty deposit. A professional mover will charge when the job is done, so don’t settle for movers demanding money up front.

And when it comes to dumpster rental, play it safe and avoid scams by partnering with Bin There Dump That.

2. Pro: Reliability

Your buddy Josh promises he’ll be at your place bright and early to help you move on Saturday.

But like always he bails on you and now you’ve lost a moving day.

Friends just can’t do what movers do. Professional moving companies train their staff on how to lift heavy items without hurting themselves and proper etiquette for fragile items.

You know Josh would just throw everything in one big box that breaks on its way out to the Uhaul.

3. Pro: Insurance for Your Stuff

Moving professionals must offer two types of insurance policies:

Released value coverage: This is the most basic option mandated by law. It only covers $0.60/lb of your stuff.

So your $1,200 laptop that only weighs about five pounds will only get you $3.00 in compensation.

The second option is full value protection. Always go this route regardless of the extra cost because you’ll actually get the full market value of anything broken.

Professional Moving Companies Are the Winner!

Even though it’ll cost more, working with professional moving companies is the better option when moving a lot of stuff.

Professional movers will get you in your place fast so you can get started on making your new house, your new home.

Renovations make for more waste than you might think. Don’t bother trying to make arrangements to transport a 20-yard dumpster.

Just putting something so heavy down on your driveway can cause damage.

Bin There Dump That cares about your home as much as you do. We cover your driveway with boards to prevent any scuffs.

And we whisk it away, full of all the debris from your renovations.

Moving is hard. Renovations are harder. Don’t add to your stress with a dumpster rental company that doesn’t go the extra mile.

Email us now for a free quote!