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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing and Sizing

Locally Owned Residential Dumpster Rental in Palatka

Watching the azaleas bloom every year is just one reason we love providing residential dumpster rental services to Palatka, FL. The azalea blooms cover the landscape like a floral carpet. Their sweet scent is so powerful your nose twitches.

Kevin and Jessica Stearns were renovating home after home when it hit them: why did they keep overpaying for outsourced dumpster rental companies with terrible service? Most of the “local” companies that came up on your first search for residential dumpster rentals in Palatka, Fl aren’t even in the U.S.

You get forwarded to a foreign call center handling several thousand other companies’ calls. Their employees are paid less than $4 an hour and scramble to hand you off to a local partner.

Meanwhile, you pay a premium so everyone from the call center to the local partner gets a slice.

If it sounds like an expensive headache, it is. Not to mention getting surprised by extra dumping fees when you get to the dump. That’s why working with locals is great.

Call us now and a representative can give you a quote in under 5 minutes. Have a dumpster at your doorsteps in just 24 hours!

Residential Dumpster Rental Has Never Been This Easy

Did you know an empty dumpster can weigh a few tons? Our largest 20-yard dumpster has a capacity of about 3-4 tons. Can you imagine what almost 10,000 pounds digging into your driveway would cause? On the bright side, you could fill it with water and make a shallow pool for the kids this summer. But why let someone over who you know is going to damage your house?

You don’t even invite your good friend over because their kid is destructive. They’ve got nothing on an 8,000 dumpster. That’s why our drivers always lay down boards to protect your property from any damage. You don’t need to rush to clear everything out in a day every dumpster rental is yours for a full 7 days. Our drivers sweep up around your dumpster so you don’t have to worry about any spillover.

Don’t make your in-laws walk around a pile of old roof shingles to get into your home. Your open house will cause plenty of grimacing if you have one or more “junk” rooms in your house.

What size do you need to rent?

dumpster rental and storage container in Palatka, FL

Did you know one of our 20-yard dumpsters is almost the exact same size as a baby blue whale? A large empty dumpster weighs about the same as a 3-ton bouncing baby whale too. Sounds like a lot of room right? But materials, like old roofing and flooring, can end up taking up a huge amount of space.

You don’t want to have to schedule and pay for another dumpster next week, right? If you work with someone else, they’re going to expect you to know exactly what size dumpster you need.

If you run out of space it’s not their problem. But we’ve been in your shoes. You shouldn’t have to pay more for not being a dumpster expert. After thousands of dumpster rentals, we’ve nailed down the ultimate price quote guide.

How much can I fit into a residential dumpster?

Worried about what ol’ Margaret from the HOA will say about the huge dumpster in front of your home? No worries there. Bin There Dump That is completely HOA compliant. So you can spend more time cleaning out your home instead of explaining to the HOA why you need a dumpster.

Worried about the cost? That’s why you should call us now. In less than 5 minutes you can have an accurate quote to add to your budget right now. Some of the other dumpster rental services will give you a price range so broad you don’t know whether you’ll be spending hundreds or thousands.

Never Wait More Than 24 Hours For Your Residential Dumpster

Waiting is the worst. It’s even more annoying when it’s for something you don’t want to do. We know spending a whole week cleaning isn’t your idea of a good time. It’s not ours either. That’s why we set out to make the residential dumpster rental process as simple as possible.

Renting a dumpster should be as easy as having a giant trash can at your house. But some of our competitors make it feel like planning a parade with all the extra transportation and fees added once you get to the landfill. Not with Bin There Dump That our quote will include everything up front. 

There’s no need to spend more time doing this than you have to. Call us now and have a dumpster rental at your doorsteps. 

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Why We Love Delivering Residential Dumpsters Throughout Palatka

Palatka is the principal city of the Palatka Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is home to 72,893 residents. The city is also home to St. Johns River State College and Ravine Gardens State Park. The area is well known for its local festivals, most notably the Florida Azalea Festival and the Blue Crab Festival. Due to the historical importance of Palatka as a southeastern interior port, much of the urban development is oriented toward the riverfront. The eastern sections of the city, which include downtown and the historic districts, are characterized by a gridded street system. A significant amount of the original brick roads survived in this area. 

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