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Jacksonville Neighorhood is Now One of Fastest Growing


Move over Brooklyn NY. Brooklyn, one of the fastest growing Jacksonville neighborhoods is getting even more dining options.

The 1.5 acre stretch of Riverside Avenue was nothing but a vacant lot for the past several decades.

But some of the most popular restaurant chains are moving in on the action. For a total of $6 million, locals get easy access to Panera, Chipotle, and Bento Asian Cuisine.

Until the past decade, Brooklyn was in a steep decline. By 2010 the official population was just 60.

But with some of the most affordable home prices in the country for a metro area, it’s no surprise young and first time home buyers are flocking to Jacksonville like morning shift workers to the only coffee pot in the breakroom.

Rent Is on the Rise

While Brooklyn’s restoration is great news for current homeowners in the area, newcomers are finding rent is pickup up the pace with the rest of the country.

Up almost 2.5% since last year Jacksonville rents are increasing at a faster than average rate.

The median rent in Jacksonville is up to $890 for a single room apartment. $1,090 if you want a two-bedroom.

Expect to see more townhomes as Jacksonville’s population continues to grow. Homebuilder D.R. Horton was planning on putting 25 single-family lots on its current Jacksonville property.

This project has been pushed to the side in favor of building 66 townhomes instead.