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Trash Pickup Options Dwindle in Onslow County


“This is why people in smaller towns prefer the mom and pop stores and companies,” says Hubert resident Erica Dehn, “we enjoy the personal touches that come with being familiar patrons and not just another account number.”

If you were a customer of the once locally owned Pink Trash before it was bought out by a large corporation, you know exactly what Ms. Dehn is talking about.

When you’d forget to bring your trash cans out to the curb, the friendly pickup service would do it for you. But is that going to be the case with the buyout?

Will fees go up? What about pickup times? The local garbage drop off sites is seeing a rise in business among residents that already have a trash pick up service.

BYOG: Bring Your Own Garbage

Why? When these hired services are late for a pickup or forget them altogether, locals have no choice but to haul their garbage to a dump site themselves and pay the per bag fee.

At $1.50 per 30-gallon bag plus the gas getting to the dump site and back, this can add up quickly.

Not to mention you’ll be turning your personal vehicle into a makeshift garbage truck.

The communities hit hardest by the buyouts are unincorporated Onslow County. Without enough taxes to provide scheduled trash pickups, residents are on their own when it comes to getting their garbage to the dump site.

Will Rates Go Up?

The new owners plan on keeping the branding and routes of both Pink Trash and Ray’s until they can begin to switch everything over.

As of right now, there are no plans to increase rates, but a representative for the company says they’ll give advanced notice if they plan on upping prices.

And fortunately, workers from both of the bought out companies won’t have to go job hunting. The staff for both are being brought on after the buyout.

This is good news because mergers often meaning lifelong employees losing their jobs with little to no notice.

Waste Industries, the new owner, hopes keeping the old staff will allow for better customer service with less lag time.

Where Are the Convenience Sites?

If you do find yourself in need of a garbage drop off site, there are several throughout the county.

Swansboro, Holly Ridge, and Jacksonville convenience sites are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.

The Onslow County landfill in Jacksonville has even more open hours, open every day but Sunday from 6:30 am to 5 pm.

Large items cost $3 and you can drop off up to 5 old tires per visit for free. The landfill and convenience sites also make it easy to offload your old electronics that need special processing.

Almost all recyclables are accepted for free at the dump sites and you can even get rid of old motor oil and cooking grease, just bring in it’s original or sealed container.

For more information on convenience centers, click here

You Don’t Have to Wait

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